Sacred Activations Graduation!

After two wonderful and intensive days of healing, three new practitioners have graduated as Sacred Activations Practitioners.  What an amazing journey.

On the first level of training, students receive 26 Golden Seals activation which allows them to give the first 26 activations to others.  These activations clear hundreds of limiting beliefs from deep in the subconscious mind, without the need to analyse and dig, unplug us from fear-based group conscious energies and plug us into unconditional love and higher levels of consciousness.

Learning Sacred Activations contributes to the healing of the planet by shifting the group consciousness energy of humankind from fear towards love.

“A most powerful and simple method where you can feel immediate changes and identify the root cause.  I look forward to next levels.”

“Insightful and enlightening.  Wonderful to learn and have healing.”

“It was clear, Anne answered every question.  I loved the course. Experiencing different emotions and feeling how quickly I’m growing spiritually. I also loved working with the Group Consciousness.  I would highly recommend the course to every person who feels the need of massive changes in life.”

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