SA Master Practitioner Graduation

After four intensive days’ training, seven new Master Practitioners have now graduated, ready to work with the wonderful Sacred Activations healing system.

Here are some student experiences on the course…..

I’ve been looking forward to this course ever since I found out that Anne was going to teach it. Having done Theta healing courses and Sacred Activations with Anne previous, I know I was going to gain a thorough understanding with an exceptional level of detail.  I understood everything quickly and easily.  What’s unique about Anne’s way of teaching is the organisation along with the shortcuts and invaluable tips she has learnt though her own work with clients.  The Sacred Activations Master Practitioner course is an absolute must if anyone has done the Advanced course already.  It’s amazing how from beginning level you are suddenly limitless in the healing work you ca do as a master practitioner.

With Anne’s continuous help, we have all transformed throughout the course and are unrecognisable form the people that walked through the door on day 1.  The energy of the group has completely changed and we are all now much happier, lighter and free to follow our chosen paths without the weight of the world on our shoulders.

I absolutely loved the course. Anne is an amazing teacher. She taught and explained everything so clearly and precisely.  Anne takes her time to work with you one on one to get to the bottom of things and she makes sure that whatever come sup is dealt with and you are not left hanging.  I found the course a bit intense but liberating.  Even though you are learning, you are also working on yourself. I loved the course and met lovely people on the course as well which is lovely.  I would definitely recommend the training, it is life-changing.

I feel a lot has shifted in my life on these few days. It has been a life-changing experience that I’m ever so grateful for.  A lot of things come to the surface during the course and this is amazing. One thing for sure is my life will never be the same again. I felt I am a new person with so much faith and confidence on my new path as a healer because so many blocks have been removed.  Thank you Anne x

Anne’s teaching was very good.  The information given was structured and so interesting.  A super fantastic teacher with so much knowledge.  It has been a journey for me, and a real insight into endless possibilities.  I was apprehensive at first even though i was on the course. The first two days I wasn’t sure if I was able to take in the information and really do it myself. By the third day things started to feel different. I was engaging more. The final day I felt as if I had shed so many layers to the point that I feel so confident, so great, lighter and truly truly blessed and forever grateful.

Anne is a passionate teacher, passionate about the material and she ensure that her students get the most possible benefit from it.

Anne always runs courses full of amazing content.  I feel that I gain so much more spiritually as a practitioner and grow as a person as a person with Anne’s guidance, support and her shared passion for the modality.  Thank you Anne for being part of my journey.

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