Sacred Activations Mastering the Master May 2017

I benefitted from the course personally – cleared some longstanding issues.  As a practitioner I gained some confidence in using Sacred Activations and improved proficiency.  Held in a lovely warm space throughout the class even though the issues we worked on were very dense at times.

I leant a lot of new amazing tips and tools. I feel like I’ve benefitted both as a practitioner and personally with many more tools added. I love Anne’s way of teaching as always she explains thoroughly making sure everything is understand really well. I felt supported and I’m sure the rest of the group did as much.  I would absolutely recommend the course.  We learnt lots of new ways to use the energies and it was a very fun course throughout.  Initially I thought it was going to be difficult and I would have to have a lot of experience beforehand, but I found it was very fun and enjoyable and full of valuable information  What I love about Anne’s courses is that she always adds more material in the course which is highly beneficial.

I was in two minds about doing the course – more expense! Having done it, I’m really glad I did  For me it feels like a whole new level. Anne explains clearly and carefully and ensure the teach individual in the group gets what they need. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you.

I definitely enjoyed the course.  I feel much lighter and happier as a person and very grateful that I have the opportunity to be here. I to helping me so much in my spiritual journey.  I always felt so much support is given during the course and in the breaks. You are given the confidence to use the techniques out in the world to bring more love and light.  I would definitely recommend the course, it was structured interesting and fun and exceptional in content.  I have never had the same benefits from any other modality I am looking forward to the next one.

Anne’s courses are always an amazing experience. She has helped me enormously and continues to do so with the notes and exercises we can do at home.

Excellent again!!  Enlightening and empowering.  Exhausting as well as enabling to create and manifest more fun.  Thanks Anne with much love and appreciation.

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