Chi Healing with Steven Whitehouse

Steven Whitehouse – Chi Kung Master and Healer, has kindly agreed to hold Chi Healing clinics in Oadby every few months for my clients.

Chi is an energy that flows through us, nurturing and healing our bodies from within. It is in us all and is a natural part of our body’s healing mechanism. Chi in various forms has been studied and used by many cultures for thousands of years. Blockages can form in your Chi system as you go through your daily life. This may be due to an illness or injury, either physical or emotional; Chi flow can be disrupted by such disparate things as a broken ankle of the loss of a loved one. Once disrupted, one or more blockages can form where the Chi gets “stuck”, inhibiting flow of healthy energy past that point. Often the body’s natural Chi pressure is enough to push this blockage out by itself – imagine a kink in a hose being pushed out by high water pressure. Sometimes though, the natural Chi pressure of the body is not enough and the blockage can remain starving the rest of the body of the healing energy it needs, again like a knotted hose with the water unable to pass the knot. Without this essential energy the body’s own natural healing mechanisms can be severely impaired resulting in chronic ailments that resist conventional treatment.

Chi Healing allows us to identify and heal these blockages. Over decades of training, Steven has elevated his sensitivity and control of Chi to a point where he can “see” Chi blockages in a client, and can both draw out the blocked hi and replenish it with free flowing Chi to help ensure the blockage does not return. This helps to allow the client’s own chi to flow freely once again, and for the natural healing process that is part of all of us to resume.

If you are unable to attend one of Steven’s clinics in Oadby, he also offers distance sessions over Skype and in-person in Marlow, UK.

As with all alternative therapies, Chi Healing does not replace conventional treatment, but works alongside it. Steven does not diagnose, cure or offer medical treatment of any kind.

Steven has been studying the Chinese and Japanese arts for over thirty years.  He is Chi Kung Master, a certified Flying Phoenix Instructor, a certified Tibetan Meditations Instructor, Egyptian Cartouche Master, a TCUGB registered Tai Chi Instructor, a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, a Kung Fu Black Belt and Instructor, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master, and author of “Seal Lung Kung Fu”.  In 2001 he represented Great Britain in the Danish Open Tai Chi Championship.

To book your session with Steven, call him directly on +44 (0) 7711 251078
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