Colour Mirrors Training

colourmirrorslogoCertificated training programme to become a Colour Mirrors Practitioner consists of 8 days over approximately 4-5 months.  It’s way more than just a training course, it’s an opportunity to expand and bring some amazing energy and healing into your life.  When you let the colour into your life, it can shift and transform any aspect for you, easily and gently; mind, body, spirit, love, money, career, past, present and future.  The Colour is a message from your higher self.  It provides the mirror enabling you to access the parts of yourself which are normally obscured.  The Colour Mirrors bottles show you your blocks, issues and obstacles in a beautiful way, but that’s not all , they provide you with the tool you need to release those blocks and free yourself to more forward with ease and grace.

Colour Mirrors is a wonderful stand-alone holistic tool, and also works brilliantly with many other holistic therapies.  However, many people do the training simply to empower themselves on their own life journey.

You can use the system in any way that works for you, doing readings, healings, and bathing in the wonderful oils and essences.

On the training you will:

*Learn the universal language of colour, how it works to heal us.
* Gain a detailed understanding of every colour on the colour wheel, and the issues it represents and heals.
*Learn how to give different types of colour reading and healings using the beautiful colour bottles and essences.
*Find out how to set up as a Colour Mirrors Practitioner
*Expand your awareness and potential as you grow spiritually.
*Learn how the chakra colours and evolving as humanity evolves into the new age, and how to give chakra healings.

Unlike some other healing modalities, there are no rules and nothing telling you what you must do with the system.  Use the system with love, imagination and the highest intention and you have an amazingly supportive and powerful tool for your own ascension journey and that of those around you.

Course fee: £1200.