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Would a one-to-one session with Anne help me?

Whether you believe it yet or not, you have the power to make your life different.

We create our reality by the vibration we hold and the way in which we react to life’s events.  Two people can go through similar events, but make a very different life experience out of them.  The Universe sees your vibration and mirrors more of the same back to you.  If you have experienced trauma, sadness, abuse, fear, shock, resentment, anger, hurt or suffering, these pull your vibration down, and it’s very easy to get trapped in this energy.    On the other hand, if you consciously take action to raise your vibration towards love, forgiveness and enlightenment, and take that vibration right through your being, then you can lift yourself out of despair, sorrow and negativity, and your life will shift much more quickly towards the positive.  The Universe responds to the vibration you hold.  When your vibration is high, reality will shift to match, and magic can happen in your life.

The purpose of healing is to empower you to make this transformation to a higher vibration of love, gratitude and enlightenment.  When you do this, negativity and blocks can dissolve from all aspects of your life and you find yourself coming into alignment with who you truly are and with your higher purpose.  Healing is about freeing yourself from limiting effects of your past traumas, embracing the wisdom of your experiences and in doing so changing the reality of the life you are living now.

Is transformation possible for me?

I know what it’s like to feel helpless, afraid and believing myself powerless to change things. I’ve been through the most profound despair following the sudden death of my daughter at the age of 7.  I’ve also been through debilitating longterm illness and come out the other side.  It isn’t just a matter of surviving, the truth is that we can transform our experiences into enlightenment, and in the process transform our whole lives.

Regardless the challenge you are facing – abuse, rape, heart-break, family trauma, bereavement, disempowerment, lack of self-esteem, feeling stuck, blocked abundance – you can come through it stronger, wiser and full of love.  You have the ability to bring joy and positivity into your life again, and this creates a better experience of life for you and those around you.

What’s the first step?

If you are new to my website, I’d recommend that you try some of the online healing programmes and packages first.   This will give you a chance to discover what my approach feels like and to decide whether it is right for you. You may even find that using the online healings are enough to change things for you!  In particular, the 14-day Ultimate Stress-Buster programme is very powerful foundation healing which will clear a lot of internal sabotage, regardless of the issue you are dealing with.  If you listen to the programme before having one-to-one sessions, this will help you move forward much more easily, and you’ll need fewer sessions!

A journey of transformation

If you decide you want to go forward with a one-to-one consultation, we will work together to identify the patterns and experiences which have sabotaged your life so far, and then transform them, taking you on a journey to reclaim your power and your life.

How do we do this?  I can help you change the way you think and feel about your  life and experiences using some wonderful healing tools and energies.  These reprogramme your subconscious mind at the deepest level, change the quantum signature of your cells, change limiting programmes and beliefs, give higher more enlightened understandings help your mind to let go of traumas and negative experiences  it has been stuck in and lift the story of trauma from your cellular memory.

What healing tools are we going to use?

I use a combination of healing and mentoring to help and inspire you towards wholeness and transformation.  I use my own signature system The Catapult ProcessTM

which can transform and change patterns on the deepest levels of your cells.  This provides very quick shifts and releases many blocks.  I also use the wonderful healing modalities, Sacred Activations, Colour Mirrors, Metatronics Healing, Silver Spheres and other therapies to provide the most appropriate healing for your individual situation, temperament and circumstances.

All the healing modalities I use are based on the highest Universal Unconditional Love and are completely safe.  They are also very specific – the healing we do together changes the energy signature of your experiences in a logical way, shifting the way you feel  and react permanently.  These powerful energetic tools enable you to free yourself from the past and create a more positive and abundant present and future for yourself.   (They are completely compatible with conventional medicine, and should be used alongside it, never as a substitute.)

Finding the light in the darkness

It’s not about ‘fixing’ your life. It’s so much more than that.  When you look at your experiences with a deeper enlightened understanding, you will find that they can transform you in a profound way, and bring you into a richer experience of life than you ever had before.  This is the process of Life Alchemy – finding that no matter what lead you start with, you can transform it into gold.  No matter how dark things look, if you look deep within, there are wonderful gifts of enlightenment and love.

When you change the way you think and feel about the world, you stop being the victim, life will feel different and your experience of life will change.  When you transform your traumas, fears and limiting beliefs into the high vibration of love, the whole vibration of your life will shift.  This in turn will allow the Universe to bring magic into your life.

All of this is possible if you are ready to take responsibility for your healing journey.  I don’t “do it for you”. Rather, I am a facilitator who provides the tools, the support and the safe space for you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

If you want to see whether we should work please book a breakthrough call with me.

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