Restful Sleep Bedtime Meditation – say goodbye to insomnia

This deep, relaxing 60-minute meditation is designed to work deep in your mind and body, releasing the deep-seated stress, worries and fears.  Put the recording on in bed and allow yourself to be healed into a restful night of delicious sleep.

The sleep healing is in three stages.  First gentle energies allow your body and mind to begin to relax and let go.  Then more powerful energies will work within your subconscious mind and the cells of your body to clear the old patterns and blocks which have been causing your stress and preventing you from sleeping. Finally, beautiful high frequencies of love and compassion flow into your mind and body.

It is well established that lower brain-wave frequencies induced during meditation have profoundly de-stressing and relaxing effects on the mind and body.  This meditation guides you into a theta frequency brain-wave state where not only you will receive all the benefits of meditation, but also it allows blocks and limiting programmes to be released from the subconscious mind at the same time.

Nobody wants to be dependent upon medication, and we just can’t function without sleep.  If you use this sleep healing meditation regularly, it will work to release the stress you’ve accumulated over the years as well as deal with every day stresses.  Your overall well-being will increase, and you’ll begin to feel better about your life.

This is the perfect accompaniment to the 14-Day Ultimate Stress-Buster video programme.

If you suffer from insomnia, worry, stress or anxiety, then this healing is for you!

Introductory Price £18