Exam Stress Release – be clear, calm and confident!

This deeply relaxing 30-minute meditation will really help anyone who is anxious about upcoming exams, whether they be School Exams, GCSEs, A’levels, or University Exams.  I’ve lost count of the number of exams I’ve done over the years, and the stress and anxiety involved is enormous.  More than this, I know full well from my time as a University Lecturer, that students can underperform, not because they haven’t done the world but because their anxiety and panic can get the better of them on the day and sabotage their performance.

So, I’ve created this meditation which is specifically designed to help in several important ways:

  • Reduces overall stress levels.
  • Promotes restful and regenerating sleep.
  • Releases trauma and shock from past experiences when things didn’t go well!
  • Releases limiting subconscious beliefs which are undermining confidence and sabotaging performance.
  • Replaces them with positive confidence building beliefs.
  • Helps the mind integrate the learning that has been done.

To get the maximum benefit, the meditation should be listened to regularly as you go to sleep.  The more you listen to it, the more powerful the healing will be.

Easily downloadable mp3 file to listen to on your phone, iPad or laptop.

Don’t forget to set your alarm clock!

Special Exam Season Offer £7