Receive 3 Free Sacred Activations

sa-logo150Many aspects of our life are blocked or limited because we are connected to Group Consciousness beliefs of fear, suffering, sacrifice, lack, struggle and poverty.  We can work on ourselves and strive to bring more positive energies into our lives, but while we are still connected to the limiting Group Consciousness, we will always be dragged back towards those negative energies.  These old group programmes are sabotaging us, here and now, without us even being aware of it.

‘Sacred Activations’ is a wonderful new healing modality which frees you from limiting programmes, AND you are disconnected from the Group Consciousness.  This frees you to move forward in a higher more positive vibration without the negative beliefs of the past holding you back.  The resulting changes in your life can be amazing.*


When you disconnect from the fear-based Group Consciousness, the old energies are weakened, and other people will disconnect at the same time.  So, healing yourself with Sacred Activations also helps to raise the vibration of the planet and shift the consciousness of the human race from fear towards love.

The easiest way to receive the Sacred Activations is to download them as MP3 files to play on your computer or any mobile devices.  The first three activations are available to download free of charge.  I recommend that you listen to each activation three times over a couple of weeks, to get the full healing benefit. The more you listen to them, the higher your vibration will become.

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These first three activations should be done before doing any others.  They provide the foundation for all the subsequent activations and will help you shift your life.  People have experienced really significant shifts just from receiving these three free activations.