Quantum Alchemy

We create our reality.  Whatever you have created is a reflection of the deepest vibration you hold within your being.    Very often we’d like to change what we are creating in our lives.   However, trying to change our lives by working on what we have already created is a waste of time, as your original vibration just continues to create the same thing over and over again. If we truly want transformation in our lives, there’s just no point trying to change the externals first. Suppressing the symptoms doesn’t cure the common cold – we all understand that –  but that’s exactly what we try to do in other aspects of our lives.

Before anything comes into reality, there is first a spark of probability or an energy signature within the quantum field of probability – the energetic field of which all reality is made.  If we want to create something new, different kinds of experiences, relationships and situations, this is where we need to start.

I developed Quantum Alchemy Healing to help myself after my daughter’s death, when other modalities were unable to reach where I instinctively knew I needed to connect in order heal myself.  This deepest level is deeper than programmes and deeper than words and beliefs.  It is the deepest essence of the issue which has created the reality you are living with.  You can think of this as the spark or fundamental note within quantum space.  Once we’ve connected to this spark we can bring in the highest vibration of love and in doing so transform and transmute lower vibrations on the most fundamental level.  This changes the deepest signature and vibration, so what is created in our lives from this moment on has to be different.

When we transform this fundamental vibration, it has the effect of releasing many limiting beliefs, traumas, resentments, anger, shock and fear and it dramatically shifts our vibration towards love, gratitude and enlightenment.  We validate the changes that we’ve made using muscle testing – this shows you what has been transformed during a session.  It’s incredibly quick and lasting, and I use this alongside other healing modalities to bring about very rapid change.