Magnetic Abundance Workshop


Take yourself on an illuminating journey through your ancestry, childhood and cultural roots to clear the limitations and blocks that have been sabotaging your money and love, and unlock your connection to Universal Abundance.

In order to live a truly abundant life, you need to be holding the vibration of love, joy and money.  The Universe has limitless abundance to offer us.  Abundance is energy and energy is limitless.  However, our life’s experiences invariably bring us down to the vibration of fear, limitation, sorrow and resentment, and this in itself pushes abundance away.  It is our own programming, and conditioning which does this.

Thankfully, we can now gain awareness of our blocks, we have powerful tools which can transform these blocks.  Whether you are looking to bring more love, more money or more opportunity and happiness into your life.  This workshop will help you access this.

On the workshop you will:

  • Identify your ancestral patterns of poverty and lack, and release them.
  • Clear the old misunderstandings about money and business which cause us to avoid and sabotage having money.
  • Understand money as a flowing energy instead of something static, and update your subconscious mind’s agenda when it comes to money.
  • Increase your capacity to hold the high vibration of love and money.
  • Increase your capacity to maintain the vibration of love and money.
  • Unplug yourself from the sabotaging group conscious energies which keep us locked in patterns of poverty, lack, and ‘not enough’.
  • Learn how to hold the highest vibration and manifest within that energy.

This workshop takes the Magnetic Abundance Online Course to the next level and clears your abundance blocks from your DNA, your cells and your conscious and subconsciousness.