Extreme Negativity Clearing

This life-changing healing uses Anne’s cutting-edge quantum techniques to clear negative energies and self-sabotage on the deepest level of your cellular memory, and is the culmination of sessions with many clients.  Stress is cleared at the deepest level, leaving you feeling profoundly relaxed.

Deep sabotaging programmes are cleared, negative energies are transmuted into light, and highest healing energies and frequencies brought in, leaving your cells squeaky clean and shining at the deepest level.

This healing will help you to shift many issues, and supports any other form of healing or conventional medical therapy you are receiving.

The Law of Attraction brings us experiences in alignment with our vibration and energy. Clearing the old dark energies from deep within your cells has a dramatic effect on your overall vibration and shifts your life towards the positive.

Listen to this healing while relaxing, or play it while you are sleeping.  You will receive two version of this healing, one which wakes you up at the end, and one which allows you to sleep.
It’s important allow the recording to play to the end for the process to be completed.

1hr 15 Minutes of healing  £90