Sacred Activations Training – Reach Your Highest Potential


What if you could reach your highest potential easily and quickly, without the need for hundreds of intensive healing sessions?   Instead of constantly fighting against the negativity in your life, what if you could actively transform these energies quickly, easily and permanently?  What if you could realise your potential in life and move past your blocks and old limitations?

When you take the step to learn Sacred Activations, you will learn powerful, quick and amazing techniques which will empower you more quickly than you can possibly imagine.   Each Sacred Activation is an intense energy of unconditional love and wisdom on a particular subject which clears away hundreds of limiting beliefs and programmes without the need to dig and analyse anything.  Sacred Activations unplug you from the third dimensional belief systems of fear and lack, and plug you into the fifth dimensional belief system – the energy of the Christ Consciousness of unconditional love and mastery.

Tamra Oviatt founded the Sacred Activations modality in 2013 and since then it has grown dramatically as many people feel the amazing benefits in their lives.

Doing the training is a huge healing which will shift your own life to the next level.  Many people do the training simply for their own healing and spiritual journey, without the intention to be a practitioner.

If you haven’t yet tried Sacred Activations, you can download the first 3 free here.

Please note that a financing fee of 10% is added to all instalment plans.


2 day course – £447 or 4 payments of £123
No pre-requesite


APRIL 26th and 27th 2018


The initial practitioner training is a two-day class that details how to work with and clear the collective consciousness.

What you will gain:

  • You receive the first 26 Golden Seals, which enable you to give the first 26 activations to yourself and others.
  • Learn how to use the Sacred Energy to clear emotions and negative energies from the body.  This beautiful energy clears out genetics, collective consciousness, past lives and core beliefs.
  • Activate sacred geometry in the body.
  • Learn about the third dimensional belief systems of fear, suffering and lack which are undermining our planet.
  • Learn how to clear out limiting beliefs and energies.
  • Learn about the Fifth Dimension and how to clear out limiting beliefs and energies and how to connect to energies of unconditional love and abundance.
  • Become a licensed Sacred Activations practitioner, permitted to work one-on-one with a client via internet, phone or in person.
  • Be Licensed to offer the first 26 Activations to clients.



Four days – pre-requisite LEVEL ONE Training

Course Fee: £1007 or 6 instalments of £185


APRIL 30th – MAY 3rd, 2018


The Sacred Activations Master Training is a four-day course which continues and builds upon the level one training.

You will learn more about how to clear the collective consciousness and will learn how to work with groups.

  • You receive 125 more Golden Seals, and will then be able to give ALL the additional activations – there are over 200 currently and the number is growing all the time.
  • Give and receive over 50 activations in the class itself.
  • Learn to perform activations on large groups and hold the energy.
  • Learn more about the collective consciousness, and how you can shift reality by choosing to unplug actively from limiting energies and groups.
  • Shift your understanding of reality, enabling you to facilitate more and more healings  in your everyday life.
  • Become certified to work with groups in person or by webinar.
  • Expand your understanding and use of the Sacred Energies.

This level of training enables you to facilitate wonderful work on yourself and others, and gives you access to all the Sacred Activations.



Two days – pre-requisite LEVEL TWO Training

Course Fee: £530  (Early Bird £461)


Take your healing abilities to the next level.  Connect to ancient wisdom.  Connect to Ascended masters, Prophets, Galactic Federation.

We need to be in the highest Master vibration at this time on the planet to do what we need to do.  Without this, the human element gets in the way and holds us back.   We need to find that energy of total trust that we can really do this work.  Nobody else is going to step in and do this work for us. It is up to us to do it ourselves for our beautiful planet.

The only thing preventing us from doing this work, and shifting the Collective Consciousness away from fear and into love, is our beliefs that tell us we can’t do it.

In this two-day course, we’ll be clearing out the limiting beliefs and programmes that prevent us from truly holding the Masters’ energy. We’ll be spending time in the energy of different Ascended Masters, the Prophets, connecting to ancient wisdom of Atlantis.  We learn to expand our abilities, bilocating and trilocating, and giving readings.

The only things which makes things impossible is our belief that they are impossible.


Four Days – Pre-requisite LEVEL ONE Practitioner Training

Course Fee: £765 

The NEW Medical Intuitive is a 4-day training where you go deeper into connecting with the Masters and tap into the Universal Energy that provides knowledge of healing the body.

  • Esoteric Energetics: A form of energy healing which works with the body in a natural and non evasive way. Clearing negative energy to help the body heal itself
  • Organ Rejuvenation: Focus on different areas of your body, including the muscles, skin and blood to clear out the emotions and trauma allowing the natural rejuvenation for a healthier life
  • Hands on Healing: Your HANDS will be ACTIVATED with the sacred energies, enabling you to work deep within the body either in person or at a distance.  This is very different to other channelled energy systems such as Reiki (I know since I’m attuned to Reiki, Seichem, over 60 Metatronic Healing energies and over 20 Cartouche energies, but this is different and extremely powerful!!!)
  • Sacred Activations: A minimum of 20 Activations shared during the class

Completion of this training will enable you to:

  • Recognize the organs of the body and their function for optimal health
  • Understand the Belief Systems that are affecting the health of yourself and humanity
  • Understand the Sacred Activations that align the body and restore health
  • Understand the maps on Esoteric Energy Points and how to align the bodies energy points for optimal health
  • Work with the organs of the body by connecting to them and understanding what they need to feel better
  • Work with the sacred energies to stimulate energetic points throughout the body
  • Help heal the human body using the knowledge of the collective consciousness belief systems, organs and energetic points throughout your body that affect the individuals well being
  • Use your hands for hands on healing in person or at a distance (anywhere in the world).


This course has been amazing!  Being able to actually practise and use this information straight away is fantastic. I am so looking forward to using this modality to better my life and those of my friends and family around me.  Anne as always has a wonderful way of explaining information.  She takes her time and has much patience with anyone who doesn’t get thing first time.  You never feel afraid to ask for material to be covered again.  Anne you are amazing and I’m already looking forward to future courses.

Anne was very knowledgeable and was fantastic at teaching the course.

The course was presented very well and was easy to understand.  Anne explained everything clearly and was very supportive as a teacher. My experience was absolutely amazing. I loved it and felt changes immediately.  I have learnt so much and am so excited to be practising on my own and helping others.

I would strongly advise and recommend this course for anyone looking to develop themselves in their healing journey.  Thank you Anne continue your good work!

Anne is confident, supportive and encouraging.  The course is easy to follow and exciting, revealing and an empowering gift to give yourself. Wonderful, empowering material providing tools to help you grow energetically.  Thank you Tamra and Anne!

Absolutely fantastic.  Every detail was explained thoroughly.  Life-changing.  Anne should be bottled because she can uplift so much of people’s lives.

Very clear presentation of material, good explanation and lots of time for practical experience.  I experiened huge energetic shifts, looking forward to seeing how things change in my life this modality is calming yet powerful.  I look forward to using it every day.

Very professional, good presentation skills and knowledge ofthe subject.  Huge healing in a safe environment.

The course was excellent.  What particularly attracted me to this course was that someone else had written “a lot easier than ThetaHealing”!  I can confirm that.  Thank you – looking forward to experiencing the results of the energy shifts.

Lovely!  I have enjoyed learning the material with Anne and sharing it with the other participants.  Anne explained the material well and added her own experiences from her own journey making the material completely relevant. Her enthusiasm for the modality and excitement for teaching was infectious.  Anne’s presentation style was lovely. I felt very supported and knew that Anne understood her material really well.

I enjoyed the course very much.  It was quite exhilarating and enlightening.

A wonderful experience of learning a new modality. Especially one so easy to digest and understand, with a lovely group of beautiful like minds.  Anne’s teaching style is
one of the primary reasons I attend courses.  Everything is explained so thoroughly.  I found the couse very enjoyable and less pressured than other courses.  I cannot believe how quick, easy yet super-effective this is.  Absolutely amazing.

The most incredible and life-changing course I have experienced.  Two days to change a lifetime – how incredible!

Wonderfully empowering and enlightening.  Full of great content and information.  Anne explained everything very well dealt with questions with ease and grace fulfilling everyone’s needs.  The course was brilliant and I look forward to the next one.  I now understand how to use the Sacred Activations perfectly, and am looking forward to the
changes as I use them.  Anne is a wonderful ambassador for Sacred Activations.

During the course the activations would make me sleepy, yet I would see some beautiful visions and healings. The experience was amazing.  Anne made the material easy and simple to follow and understand.  Support was provided and questions answered.  The course was brilliant.

Very enlightening, uplifting and joyful!  A life-changing experience.

Excellent!  Much easier than Theta.  The day went very quickly and you could feel the effects of the healing.

Very enlightening and awakening. It helped me see an easier way to clear issues.  Anne explained things very well.  I would like to thank Anne for her time and patience given when teaching us all.

The course was very informative and had a comfortable and friendly group environment.  Anne always makes sure we understand even if she has to explain things a hundred times.  Amazing course!  Fun!