Trauma, Bereavement, Abuse, Rape and PTSD Self-Healing Package

I have helped many people, including myself, to resolve and get through traumatic events.  When the hardest experiences of life hit us, we can either remain the victim, and allow our lives to be ruined, or we can take the initiative, and transform the experience into wisdom and empowerment. It’s not just about surviving the experience, it’s about thriving and making something positive from what has happened – even if that seems impossible at the start.

These Sacred Activations are designed to really help when you have suffered trauma due to loss, accident, bereavement etc, abuse (mental, emotional, physical, sexual), rape, post-traumatic stress disorder.  When we go through such events in our lives, part of us gets locked in the experience, undermining our well-being on many levels.  This can, if left unresolved, the experiences of the past can spoil the present and the future.

When you listen to these recordings, allow the thoughts, memories and feelings to come up.  The activations will gently clear and release these energies, allowing  you to move forward with your life.

Often a one-to-one session is very helpful, but using these activations will help you to move forward and regain your life following an experience of abuse or trauma.

PTSD, and PTSD Sexual Abuse activations work on the anxiety, fear and trauma of the abuse experience.  Overwhelm Disconnect helps your system get out of fight or flight and helps you to cope as you move forward.  Are You A Victim puts you back into your power.  Inner Child Reconnection helps to put you back together and bring back the pieces of yourself that have been shattered by the experience.  Anger and Resentment towards God clears the feelings of unfairness against life.  Unconditional Love Reconnection connects you to the highest Source energy, allowing your energetic system to be loved and nurtured as it deserves – this is wonderfully healing.  Polar Opposites is very special – use this activation to erase thought patterns, fears, memories that keep going around your head and replace them with positive thoughts.  Creator’s Truth brings in the highest perspective of your experience – you were not to blame.



The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Release Activation clears the emotional illness and anxiety disorder which usually develops as a result of extreme fright or a life-threatening event.  There are many people that are stuck in emotions resulting from traumas that happened to them in their lives (or even a past life). This includes those traumas from those memories that you might not even be aware of that are still running in the back of your mind, controlling you and keeping you in constant fear.  I believe this activation is for most people (as I do not know anybody that has had zero traumas in their lifetime.) This activation will allow you to release all those traumas, from group and religious consciousness, and even the culture at large.


Experiencing sexual abuse doesn’t have to ruin your life or your
intimate relationships.  This powerful activation clears the pain, shock and trauma of the experience on all levels. It clears up any misunderstandings your subconscious put on as a result of the experience – this is very likely to have happened if the abuse occurred when you were a child. It cleanses the energy of the perpetrator from your mind and body.  It gives you the deepest understanding that this experience was totally different from loving consensual intimacy between adults, and downloads the understanding that you are safe now.


Inner Child Reconnection Activation reclaims the pieces of your soul that were left in other lifetimes, galaxies and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left in other times and places; reclaims your power from those times; and shifts your foundation beliefs into alignment for the reclamation of your personal power.


The Polar Opposite activation is amazing. Sometimes, the old negative pathways are entrenched within our brains. By focusing on the negative issue we wish to shift, and doing the Polar Opposite activation, these negative pathways are dis-created, wiped out.  This clears the residual energies of those old patterns allowing new pathways of unconditional love to be created.  When I witness this activation, I see the energy spinning backwards as it removes the old pattern.


The Unconditional Love Reconnection Activation plugs you into the unconditional love grid system around Mother Earth. It is truly amazing to be in unconditional love, which means without judgment of self or others. The goal here is to reduce the fear and suffering grid system to the size of a pea and expand the unconditional love grid system to size of a watermelon. When this happens, the wars on this planet will cease; we will be able to work together, knowing that we are all connected to this amazing energy and finally love each other.


Modern life is very stressful. Chronic stress undermines our strength year after year. If we disconnect from the energy of being overwhelmed in our lives, we will cope better, function better, get more done, and stay strong and healthy. This is a great activation to be used whenever you need help.


So many of us give away our power to people, beliefs and situations.  This activation releases that energy, allowing you to regain your empowerment and from that make whatever changes you want in your life.


Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all holding huge anger and resentment towards God, Life, The Universe, Everything.  However you understand this energy, on a subconscious level, we blame God when bad things happen to us. This relates to large things, such as the death of a loved one, or every day issues such as losing a job, or getting an illness. The only way to move forward is to release this hidden poisonous energy. This activation is one of the most important ones, and shoudl be used again and again to help you on your life’s journey.



This activation unplugs you from the human grid of fear of the 3D world. It lifts your understanding from that of fear, resentment, anger, blame and plugs you into a higher enlightened energy of love. It helps you to let go of unhelpful and self-sabotaging thoughts and allows you to move forward.  This one is extremely helpful in cases of trauma and abuse.