“I have tried a number of therapies over the years, but after my first session with Anne I stopped looking anywhere else as the difference I felt, even after that one session, made me realise I had found what worked for me. Anne’s skills and knowledge instantly put you at ease, and what I love about this type of healing is that once it is done it is there for good, not just for a few hours after the session. I am truly grateful to Anne for helping me to find and take my power back!”


“Anne is a truly inspirational healer! A knowledgeable professional, she has helped me to change things in my life that I thought were set in stone. Her healing gifts of empathy and insight have transformed how I feel about myself. My relationships with my family and friends have improved and even the world feels like a nicer place! Anne is a beautiful shining star guiding us forward on the path to a brighter future, it has been a privilege to work with her.”


“I would say that Anne was an absolute life saver. My whole outlook towards the world and people in it has changed beyond recognition. Thank you so much Anne xx”


“I did not have a very positive view of alternative healing until I met Anne back in 2010.  However, after she had helped me overcome my challenges I have seen first-hand just how effective it can be.

As well as being an amazing healer, Anne has always given me great down-to-earth advice which has helped the healing to process faster.  If I look back at my life now, from when I first had a session with Anne, people would not believe I am the same person.”


“I first met Anne 18 months after leaving my ex-husband. I had already left him, moved back to my home town and in with my mum, found a job, gone through the divorce process, and cut those all cords in a practical way but I had ‘crashed’. I was completely exhausted, walking through life like a zombie, and unable to picture a future for myself. In the first session with Anne, I blocked her energy, I had built up protective walls so high because I just didn’t know who to trust anymore. The only understanding I would allow from her was that “I am safe”. Before I knew it I was sobbing and confiding my deepest darkest secret and she lifted the pain and trauma from me at a level I didn’t even understand. I slept for 4 hours after the session and for another 14 hours that night! The next day I realised I no longer felt dead inside.

Within 3 sessions, I had bought my own house and moved in, started eating better and exercising daily and met a wonderful man who is now my husband. Within a year and a few more sessions I had changed jobs (doubling my salary) and I felt 10 years younger. 5 years on, I am happily married to a kind, loving husband, I’m enjoying a happier relationship with my Mum and my brother and I’m working with women who have experienced abuse to help them rebuild their lives. I can’t recommend Anne highly enough.”


“I first went to see Anne in October 2017. One of the key issues I wanted to get her help with was my spending addiction, particularly with regard to using my credit card. I knew that I was using spending like other people use food or alcohol. It helped me feel better when other things in my life were sliding out of my control or I felt uncomfortable or stressed about things. I had known that I was using spending in this way for years, and had tried various things to deal with it along the way, Debtors’ Anonymous, spending plans, cutting up credit cards etc. Finally I just embraced it as I felt that disappointing myself was not helping any, so I would just have to learn to live with it. Things came to a head when it started to become a bone of contention between my husband and I, and he suggested I see Anne. I have to say that I was not confident that anything she could do would help what seemed to me to be such a fundamental part of who I was.

That first session was tough, not just in terms of the money situation but other things that I had decided I might as well ask for help with too. I came out of the hour long appointment feeling rather disoriented and sure that something had happened. I just wasn’t entirely sure what.

Since that first session I have not used my credit card once, and it has now been nearly six months since I first saw Anne. Not only have I not used the card, I have not wanted to use it. I can also look at my current account balance (something I used to have to steel myself to do) whenever I need to, and talk about my money concerns without getting upset or simply walking away. To me, and to the people who know me best, this is nothing short of miraculous.

I was trying to explain this to someone who did not know me very well a few weeks ago and they said ‘Yes, well, we all have ways of coping that mean we can resist patterns of behaviour for a while.’ I understood what they were saying, because this is what I used to do before I worked with Anne. It never lasted very long and it was always a huge effort. I would distract myself from the urge to spend by concentrating on other things until the compulsion had died down to a more manageable level. What I was able to say in this conversation and I knew to be the difference that is making this work is that I am not resisting anything anymore. The compulsion is simply no longer there.

This radical change in my behaviour for the better has meant that I am able to continue working with Anne on issues that are more sensitive and complex because I absolutely trust that she will work with me to change whatever needs to be changed for the better.”


“When I first met Anne in September 2012, I had just lost my cousin a few months earlier and my dad two years before that. I had always been angry and tired but was now feeling lost and despondent too.  Having always been interested in alternative therapies, I had tried virtually all of them I came across from Reiki to counselling, crystal healing, shamanic homeopathy and transference healing. Some seemed to make me feel “better” for a few days and others left me worse off than when I started.

Theta Healing was available and I had an interest in learning it, which is how I came across Anne. Having explored various healers in the UK, USA and Canada with their own methods of clearing beliefs, I could not find the teacher I trusted to teach me. Looking at the Theta website, I searched for practitioners with the highest level of training and number of courses they had attended. Anne, as a Theta Master was the person I chose. I did not want to go to someone who had done two courses and thought they were an expert!

Anne had come from a scientific background and so provided structure, logic and training based upon her own experience. She has taught me so much both in training courses and in one-to-one sessions about myself and why I behave the way I do. And the best thing of course, is that she cleared my negative, self-destructive patterns and helped me release the heavy weight I was unconsciously carrying around with me.

I am a completely different person now thanks to her exceptional healing abilities, support, love and kindness. Her devotion and love of her work means that she is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible (or even thought of) and is making breakthroughs that are revolutionising the way people are healed and their lives transformed.

She has been my mentor, guide and teacher from those dark days and led me to a point where I know the way forward. She has transformed my life and I am exceptionally grateful to the universe for bringing her into my life when I needed her the most!”