“The Catapult Method”

The Catapult MethodTM  is my signature modality for life transformation.  It is the culmination of many years’ research and experimentation.  Although the modalities I had trained in were all powerful and effective, there were some issues they just didn’t seem to reach for me.  Still being an experimental scientist at heart, I pushed the boundaries further and further until I developed a deeply powerful system which tackled this problem and which gives exceptionally rapid results.

Unpicking our lives, and carefully reprogramming takes a long time and lots of effort.  What I was seeking was a process which would allow me to quickly shift our perspective and understanding on an experience from the very foundation, release self-sabotage, pain, anger and resentment, and catapult us forwards into an infinitely more enlightened understanding.  When we do this, our vibration shifts dramatically, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage disappear, and more positive experiences flow into our lives.

Nowadays, I use this process in nearly all of my one-to-one healing and coaching sessions.  Why?  Because it gets the quick, life-changing results we all want and deserve.

I will be teaching facilitators of my modality in the near future.