Healing Webinars

I offer both free and paid for webinars.  Each webinar is packed with healing energies and clearings.  Watch it live, and then listen to the replay to get more benefits from the healings.  Watch this page for signup details.  Recordings of past webinars are available for purchase.

Happy cheering couple enjoying sunset at beach


The shift from 2016 into 2017 was enormous.  The 16 year was the energy of The Tower, where we are challenged by the break down of the old and the need to let go of what no longer serves us.  It was very challenging for many of us.  2017 is The Wish, the energy is one of expansion and growth.  It will become easier and easier to manifest. It’s more important than ever to hold the highest vibration of what we want to create, and to let go of the old limitations and fears.

In this powerful webinar, we complete and release the energies of the past, use Sacred Activations to clear fears around moving forward into the unknown and expanding our comfort zone, and then finish with a powerful manifestation in the energy of the Central Sun.

This healing can be used at any time to release the past and manifest new fresh abundant energy in your life.